Time to Fly!!!!

I am really missing teaching and engaging in all the fun activities I left behind in Boise. I knew that I would return to all these activities, in some form, at some point. The excuse that Lunar Landing is still under construction has been my excuse, but no more! Can't wait to play again and... Continue Reading →

Mule Team Hiking Club

Jim Purvis and I went hiking last Saturday in the Chiricahua Mountains with the MuleTeam hiking club. Beautiful scenery and friendly folks made for a relaxed Saturday. Unfortunately since both Jim and I were nursing injuries we couldn’t finish the whole hike. Next time!

Thank you Lunar Landing Crew ❤️

While our friend and fellow artist takes a grand adventure we are honored to look after her tiny home on wheels 🚐 This is exactly what Lunar Landing is all about; being a safe nest from which fellow wanderlust artists can fly ✨ Safe and fruitful travels Amy! A loving home awaits you upon your... Continue Reading →

As the world turns….

A new month with new events. Our display window downtown is sporting a new look and list of Lunar Landing related events for the month of March. Expect the events to be posted online soon.

Magic Lina Love

Jim and Angela might be out on the road but the magic at Lunar Landing is still happening... the love between Lina and Derren is real!!! ❤️💜✨ #linathechihuahua #mahaviamusic #lunarlandingbisbee

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