Summer Travels

Jim and I are on the road traveling for two months, but Derren and Julianna are keeping things running at Lunar Landing. Mahavia can be heard about town, District 19 is offering some beautiful new summer dresses, Derren is working his fingers to the bone on some fun fall surprises, Ariel and Julianna have installed... Continue Reading →

working my fingers to the bone!

I finally feel ready to get more of my makers creations out there: This upcoming Saturday I'll be revealing a small collection of custom clothing. Then on The 24th I have some new artwork that will be available through the Bisbee Arts Commission art vending machine!

Time to Fly!!!!

I am really missing teaching and engaging in all the fun activities I left behind in Boise. I knew that I would return to all these activities, in some form, at some point. The excuse that Lunar Landing is still under construction has been my excuse, but no more! Can't wait to play again and... Continue Reading →

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