Build it…

And they will come. This has never been more true, in my life, than now. Earlier this year I told Jim that I really missed teaching and wished Bisbee has a pole dancing or aerial studio. He said, “Then why don’t we build one?” I had all kinds of reasons why we shouldn’t: being too far out of Old Bisbee, the house is still so unfinished and our ceilings are too low. He responded, “no one cares about a 15 minute drive or an unfinished house if they get to have fun spinning on a pole, even a short pole.”

So we installed four poles in our dance studio and I started teaching classes three nights a week. Simply through word of mouth class is always full and I have a long waitlist. Now I wish my body could handle teaching more classes! I really hope our group of Bisbee pole dancers will get to continue to grow and have fun together.

A stoked fire for pole class.

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