Summer Travels

Jim and I are on the road traveling for two months, but Derren and Julianna are keeping things running at Lunar Landing. Mahavia can be heard about town, District 19 is offering some beautiful new summer dresses, Derren is working his fingers to the bone on some fun fall surprises, Ariel and Julianna have installed a new window display at the convention center, Julianna continues to offer classes in Flamenco and I am working on a fall production of The Yellow Trailer Musical. In addition we will be offering more classes in the fall!!!

As you can see the activity at Lunar Landing never really dies down. This is part of the reason I always seem to be behind on maintaining the website and social media. I have decided not to apologize for this since it is highly unlikely to change, unless someone volunteers to take the job over from me 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

Feel free to contact me with questions or attend our third Thursday Shindigs.

Much love ❤️


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