Newport, Oregon

Newport, Oregon is Jim's happy place. So of course we had to venture over here for a quick stay during our impromptu vacation. The weather was completely unpredictable, the heat didn't work the first night in our Airbnb and the battery died in our car, but the heat got fixed, the wonderful cleaning lady jump... Continue Reading →

Norman Rockwell

I feel so lucky to say that I am surrounded by scenes that could easily be mistaken for Norman Rockwell paintings 🖼 Thank you Dennis Galloway for the wonderful pictures at our first gallery opening 🙏 If you have not gotten a chance to see the Lunar Landing art show at Sense of Place gallery... Continue Reading →

Lemonade in the Snow

Road project ❤️ Jim and I have begun an unexpected vacation. We left Bisbee early Thursday morning with the expectation of being home in a week. As we flew from Tucson to Eastern Washington we saw nothing but snow covered ground below! We are driving back south and our usual route home through Utah, Nevada... Continue Reading →

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