Thank you Lunar Landing Crew ❤️

While our friend and fellow artist takes a grand adventure we are honored to look after her tiny home on wheels 🚐 This is exactly what Lunar Landing is all about; being a safe nest from which fellow wanderlust artists can fly ✨ Safe and fruitful travels Amy! A loving home awaits you upon your... Continue Reading →

As the world turns….

A new month with new events. Our display window downtown is sporting a new look and list of Lunar Landing related events for the month of March. Expect the events to be posted online soon.

Magic Lina Love

Jim and Angela might be out on the road but the magic at Lunar Landing is still happening... the love between Lina and Derren is real!!! ❤️💜✨ #linathechihuahua #mahaviamusic #lunarlandingbisbee


When I look I see, beauty surrounds me. Be it a pebble, polished and honed, from wind, water and stone. To a redwood so massive, born of a tiny seed, dropped from a gigantic. Here is little insignificant me, watch me grow into a mighty being. By Jim Purvis

Our first gallery opening….

Yesterday was the last day of Lunar Landings first gallery show! We could not be happier with the success. We absolutely love working with Carol Chandler at Sense of Place gallery. The gallery is open, welcoming, bright and energetically positive ✨


We usually travel with Lina our chihuahua and Bebe our lovebird. This time they stayed home 😭. Luckily they are being taken good care of ❤️💜 Thank you so much Derren and Julianna ✨🌙💋

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