Cheap Travel

People are often asking how we can afford to travel so much. The answer is to eliminate as many costs as possible. Other than extra diesel fuel we have very few costs above and beyond what we would have while at home at Lunar Landing.

Some basic guidelines we try to follow:

1: Prior to departure save at least $1500/month that you plan to be away and prepay your household bills for the time you will be gone (key is to get these as low as possible!!!)

2: Use cash! It will keep you connected to your expenses. Carry a credit card to be used only in an emergency!

3: Be self sufficient. Camp for free on public lands; BLM, National Forest and friend’s’ driveways.

4: Avoid cities and expect to double your budget if you need city time.

5: Savor the RARE times you eat out.

6: Take lots of pictures, journal, hike, yoga, stare into the distance… all free and fabulous ✨

Some might not enjoy this kind of travel, but we love the simplicity, the time away from our daily routine and the chance to see so many beautiful versions of Mother Nature 🌲🌵🌴 #boondocking #cheaptravel #mothernature #blm #nationalforest #thehappycamper

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