What is Lunar Landing?

img_4908In August 2016 my husband Jim and I got married. Our vows ended with a simple question to each other, “How much do you love me?”, and a simple answer, “To the moon and back!”. In November of the same year we decided to sell most of our belongings and hit the road in our newly found 1970 Airstream. Luna was her obvious name and I now can’t imagine any other home. After over 40,000 miles of adventures and discovery Luna landed in Bisbee, Arizona. Road life was exciting and so educational, it taught us what was important to us and directed us towards our new community in Bisbee. While traveling we discovered that what we missed most was the ability to build lasting relationships through daily interactions and a workshop/studio to make and create.

When we left our life in Boise we left behind so many artistic endeavors; dancing, aerial arts, theatre set design, woodworking, costume design and so much more. We tried to find creative expression in small ways while on the road, but craved more. Upon visiting Bisbee we immediately felt drawn to the creative energy and welcoming nature of the town and it’s inhabitants. I found an abandoned house at the end of a dead end street. I saw lots of work cleaning up and rebuilding after years of neglect, but more than anything I saw an oasis for Luna to land and a building to house a shop, studio and yoga space.

Within the first month I knew that, Lunar Landing, our new home base would be so much more than a parking spot between our travels. Six months after closing on the property and thousands of hours of hard labor we welcomed our first ‘artists in residence’. After all, if we needed a home base and a place to create so might many other creatives. We invited two artists we had met in Boise and whom had directed us to visit Bisbee. Who better to share the experience of landing in Bisbee.

The vision for Lunar Landing grows and changes everyday. Jim and I technically own the place, but we hope many artists will come to consider it home. Our hope is that artists of all kinds will find Lunar Landing to be welcoming short-term housing and an accommodating space to hone their skills and share their talents.


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