Worn & Weathered

The perfect reading spot. The pillow given to me by a loved old roommate helps support my back. The weathered leather recliner that my parents bought for me to recuperate from surgery 20 years ago.

During the isolation of the Covid pandemic all of us are spending more time in reflection. In particular I have spent more time contemplating the importance of relationships with other people. I am grateful that I have chosen to love many people in my life. Yes by living with an open heart I have had it broken many times and I have hurt others deeply as well. I still believe it is way more rewarding to wear my heart on my sleeve. Think about the beautiful patina of old jeans that have protected your legs during adventures through sticker bushes or a soft worn leather recliner that cradled you during illness. This is how I imagine my heart. The heart growing more beautiful and strong the more it is used. I am so grateful for the people I have had the privilege to share my life with.

It is natural for folks to flow in and out of our lives. Just because someone is not in your current daily life does not mean they aren’t a part of who you are. The people you think about years after spending time in their presence are still a part of you. I plan to use this isolation to continue to unwrap beautiful memories of the people I love and have loved. Hopefully the lessons I learned from these friends, lovers and family will give me more wisdom when revisited. Let this guide me through, to become worn and weathered with a beautiful patina.

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