We ❤️ Our House

Jim knows how to make me happy, he has been working on the house. Buying a 2600 square foot house that had been abandoned for 15 years is an overwhelming venture. It requires diligence, patience and hard work. You have to relax into the process and regularly remind yourself why you chose this route. Jim... Continue Reading →

Fashion Icon

If you’ve never met her, this is Janet. She has lived at Lunar Landing since the early days. She traveled all the way from Boise with us. Don’t tell her, but her top half traveled in the backseat and her bottom half traveled in the camper! Well she’s a pretty solid family member out here... Continue Reading →

Meet Geena

A new artist, Geena Barry, joined the Lunar Landing family in March 2022. We are thrilled to welcome her as the first artist to live in Luna the Airstream since Jim and I moved out. We look forward to Geena staying for a nice long residency ❤️💃 Geena is a multidisciplinary artist from Chicago, IL.... Continue Reading →

Bold Transparency

Last year at this time I was in the deepest depression of my life. In my 20s I was diagnosed with bipolar I with rapid cycling and mixed episodes. Since then I have made it my mission to learn to live the healthiest I could with this illness. I researched medication, diet, yoga, meditation, cognitive... Continue Reading →

Worn & Weathered

The perfect reading spot. The pillow given to me by a loved old roommate helps support my back. The weathered leather recliner that my parents bought for me to recuperate from surgery 20 years ago. During the isolation of the Covid pandemic all of us are spending more time in reflection. In particular I have... Continue Reading →

Build it…

And they will come. This has never been more true, in my life, than now. Earlier this year I told Jim that I really missed teaching and wished Bisbee has a pole dancing or aerial studio. He said, “Then why don’t we build one?” I had all kinds of reasons why we shouldn’t: being too... Continue Reading →

Open Heart ❤️

I truly believe there is so much power in positive thinking. Throughout my life I have accomplished things that many people thought impossible. I am proud of myself for being a dedicated hard working person. Now I am attempting to tackle my biggest fear....acceptance of my limitations. Acceptance of certain realities is necessary to obtain... Continue Reading →

Wild West

Wild Wild West! The kitchen lizard 🦎 decided to give us his old skin and I just found a tiny frog 🐸 swimming in the dog water that was fresh yesterday! #lunarlandingbisbee #bisbeearizona #wildwildwest

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