The Adventurer’s Life

We all tend to romanticize our dreams and then become disappointed that reality doesn’t measure up. This is such an injustice that we do to ourselves. The external world has no way of matching the world in our minds. Luckily it goes both ways and things are rarely as bad as we imagine. One of the biggest aspects of living an adventurers life is letting go of expectations and releasing attachment to the past and future. I find both equally difficult. I had a wonderful life full of friends, art, purpose and passion when we decided to pick up roots and live the mobile life. I was ready to try some new things, but wasn’t ready to let go of everything I had. It is ironic that all of us who embark on this lifestyle spend a lot of energy on letting go of material things, but rarely prepare ourselves for letting go of what really matters… friends, family, students, colleagues… the people and groups that give us a sense of belonging.

This first year of road life has been about two primary things. First priority has been the simple work of keeping our home and tow vehicle taken care of. Second has been learning to recognize oneself in a world where no one knows you or has a history with you. Who are you when you can be anyone? Well I am me of course and you would be you, but how you are perceived on a daily basis will change. No one knows all your mistakes, but also no one knows your achievements, your skills, your talents. To most people you interact with you are who you are that very day. Who are you today?

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