Letting go….

When people find out we live full-time in less that 200 square feet they always have questions about the process of downsizing. Funny thing is downsizing is a fabulous and freeing process. Yes, at times, it was hard, but on a whole it was a joyous experience. Stuff comes and goes. I am naturally a hunter and gatherer, neat stuff comes my way even when I am not looking for it (not sure when I am not looking, LOL). I love to give and receive random gifts…. so how is this all related? Detachment baby! Accept things into your life, enjoy them, cherish them and then let them flow on to someone else who will do the same. This has been easy for me with things.

Harder is the ebb and flow of people in your life. Tiny living is easy, mobile living is hard. I love the gypsy life. I start to get antsy for the road after being somewhere for about a month. 3-6 weeks in one place is perfect. The hard part of the mobile life is leaving your friends and realizing they have a full and amazing life without you! Surprise, surprise no one is the center of the universe. The majority of adults realize this, but knowing it and experiencing it are quite different. For me it has been a time of rapid self growth. Sometimes very lonely and other times totally empowering. I am learning that at the same time I am independent and utterly dependent on my friends. With separation has come a sense of connection and unity I never felt in the stationary life. I have become brave enough to ask for what I need and more open to hear what others need even when it is not in line with I want.

The big lesson: let go of things, let go of expectations… be honest, genuine, loving and open… life has a way of putting you exactly where you should be and providing what and who you need.

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