We ❤️ Our House

Jim knows how to make me happy, he has been working on the house. Buying a 2600 square foot house that had been abandoned for 15 years is an overwhelming venture. It requires diligence, patience and hard work. You have to relax into the process and regularly remind yourself why you chose this route.

Jim doesn’t actually have stilt legs, he is standing on a short ladder 🪜

So why did we do it? Early in our relationship Jim and I made the decision that we would be spending the rest of our lives following our passions. We needed our hearts to be behind whatever we put our energy into. Doing this requires a lot of freedom, particularly financial freedom. We didn’t have much money so we needed to adjust our lifestyle. We recognized that staying out of debt was the only way to maintain our freedom to follow our passions… so here we are in a house that most people would not consider living in. It didn’t have running water, electricity or even glass in all the windows in the beginning but less than 5 years later it has protected many from the elements and helped them on their journey.

Our house has been home to many people. People dance here, cook here, rest here, create here, heal here… our house is a sanctuary for many. We love our house ❤️

#homesweethome #lovemyhouse #lunarlandingbisbee #financialfreedom #jimpurvisismyhero #diylifestyle

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