Meet Geena

A new artist, Geena Barry, joined the Lunar Landing family in March 2022. We are thrilled to welcome her as the first artist to live in Luna the Airstream since Jim and I moved out. We look forward to Geena staying for a nice long residency ❤️💃

Geena is a multidisciplinary artist from Chicago, IL. Her works run the gamut of artistic mediums, styles, and expressions ranging from dance/movement, theatrical and experimental performance, painting, portraiture, drawing, sculpting, macramé (and micro-macramé), and teaching! She enjoys creating mixed-media or cross-disciplinary pieces that evoke a sense of levity and play, but which also feel meaningful and touching. She is primarily guided by glimmers of pleasure in every work that she creates.

Currently, Geena’s artistic interests lie in murals and larger-scale design, using furniture and household staples as unconventional canvases. She is also putting her dance background to work learning (and soon teaching!) pole dancing.

Geena is open for collaborative commissions across disciplines! Examples would be: portraits, furniture/house muraling, micro-macramé jewelry, sculpture, etc!
Otherwise you are welcome to reach out and inquire about upcoming pole and art classes

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