Lemonade in the Snow

Road project ❤️ Jim and I have begun an unexpected vacation. We left Bisbee early Thursday morning with the expectation of being home in a week. As we flew from Tucson to Eastern Washington we saw nothing but snow covered ground below! We are driving back south and our usual route home through Utah, Nevada and Northern Arizona was going to be 1300 miles of ice and snow ❄️For our sanity and safety we will be driving south through Oregon and California. It is not the quick way, but it is beautiful and much safer. We are so lucky to have Lunar Landing looked after by Derren and Julianna. This just one of the amazing perks of communal living ❤️💜

I will be sharing images of our impromptu vacation… road project progress, unusual sanctuaries, tasty treats, road side attractions and more to come! Make lemonade out of lemons 🍋

#roadtrip #lemonadeoutoflemons #lunarlandingbisbee #roadtripsewing

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