Artist in Residence ~ Julianna ‘LaPatita’ Thomas

Photo by Joan Johnston

Photo by Joan Johnston

Never quite satisfied with a single artistic pursuit Julianna has dedicated herself to many artistic mediums; Flamenco dancer, fiber artist and costume designer, and singer – her passions know no bounds….. Seduced by flamenco at an early age, she has lived in New York City and Andalucian Spain to study with master teachers Juan del Gastor, Concha Vargas, Carmela Greco, Maricarmen Guerrero, Juan Polvillo, Jose Galvan, Paqui del Rio and her mentor, Andrea Del Conte.  As well as an accomplished flamenco dancing career her love of singing has made MahaVia an act not to be missed. Her expressive voice transports one to places in the heart that few dare to go. Dedicated to beauty and movement, she travels the world performing and making beautiful pieces of art in hopes of inspiring others to do what they love. Check out her designs here… {District19Designs}

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