Baby Steps – Giant Leaps

Fall 2016 we started the adventure of living an alternative nomadic lifestyle. The previous summer we had sold our brick and mortar home and moved into a single wide trailer in a trailer park in Boise, Idaho. We had wanted to rent while we downsized our belongings and found our trailer and tow vehicle. Unfortunately since we had been homeowners and our rental history was ancient it was going to be nearly impossible. To make matters more difficult Boise had a rental shortage, we had pets and we were unwilling to sign a lease! It was July and we needed to be out of our place in two weeks, oh and did I mention we were getting married in less than a month. Yes, I know we did this to ourselves, LOL!

At the last minute we found a possibility on Craigslist. A dilapidated single wide for 3500 dollars. I think our friends thought we were crazy. The trailer was not livable. The trailer park was neglected and trashy. Why did this purchase make sense? For about $10,000 we could have a remodeled home that could be resold for a slight profit, but more importantly we would not be locked into a lease, we had the freedom to have our pets and to sort through our stuff as we downsized. The trailer had a large shop out back and we had an oversized lot. Everything including all utilities and lot rent cost us less than $600 per month.

Making the place livable was a disgusting job that included removing dog urine saturated carpet and scrapping the 6 inches of topsoil/dog feces/weed combo off the entire lot. This was how we spent the weeks leading up to our hot August circus wedding (I will tell you about that another time…soon). Best part of the story is that we got moved in and it served us well as a transitional home. It is now 18 months later and a lifetime of adventures have happened. So much happened so fast that the idea of sharing or blogging about our story was unthinkable. I didn’t have the energy or the guts to present our stories publicly, but now I do, so I will talk with you again soon.

Live life fully and without fear!

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