Open Heart ❤️

I truly believe there is so much power in positive thinking. Throughout my life I have accomplished things that many people thought impossible. I am proud of myself for being a dedicated hard working person. Now I am attempting to tackle my biggest fear….acceptance of my limitations. Acceptance of certain realities is necessary to obtain a sense of contentment and happiness. All of us have limitations and strengths. Focusing on my strengths has gotten me a long ways, but not accepting my limitations has nurtured a lot of disappointment and self hatred. It is time to learn a new way of seeing myself and my life.

Since writing the above paragraph a year ago I have spent a lot of time meditating on self acceptance, learning to allow myself more space for healing and cultivating a more gentle approach to my goals. This doesn’t come naturally to me but I believe these are lessons I must learn to find lasting happiness. Kindness, generosity and tolerance can be extended into the world with greater authenticity if one is capable of feeling it towards oneself 🥰

May we all experience more open hearts in the coming year.

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