Love makes the world a happy place ❤️

Every action we make in our lives influences and teaches others. No matter how solo you would like to be in life you will always be teaching through example. This thought is what first shifted how I treated myself. I realized that by being critical and negative to myself I was teaching others that they deserved to be treated just as harshly. This thought broke my heart. Therefore through a desire to teach others that I truly and unconditionally loved them I began to see how truly lovable I am.

Yes it is easier to love others when you truly love yourself, but I also believe unconditionally loving others can also lead to loving yourself. In my experience the key is simply to love. Don’t just say it, or think it, but also show it! There are so many ways to show love.

I show love by being open, sharing my story, listening to others stories, smiling a lot, holding judgement, supporting dreams and setting healthy boundaries. These are just a few ways I show love and I, like everyone I mess up at times, but the important part is I LOVE! I am proud to be a lover. How do you show love?

2 thoughts on “Love makes the world a happy place ❤️

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  1. I love that you included setting boundaries. So much better to be realistic with yourself and attuned to your inner workings enough to know how much, and how little, you can commit to any given person/situation than to disappoint yourself and others. Took me a little too long to get that one through my brain. But each time I practice it, it gets easier and feels better than before.


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